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Beetle Species protected by The Endangered Species Act (1973) in the United States.

Endangered Species
Taxon Common Name Historic Range
Nicrophorus americanus American burying beetle E. U.S., E. CAN
Batrisodes texanus Coffin Cave mold beetle TX
Stygoparnus comalensis Comal Springs dryopid beetle TX
Heterelmis comalensis Comal Springs riffle beetle TX
Brychius hungerfordi Hungerford's crawling water beetle MI, CAN
Texamaurops reddelli Kretschmarr Cave mold beetle TX
Polyphylla barbata Mount Hermon June beetle CA
Rhadine persephone Tooth Cave ground beetle TX
Threatened Species
Elaphrus viridis Delta green ground beetle CA
Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis Northeastern beach tiger beetle NE U.S.
Cicindela puritana Puritan tiger beetle NE U.S.
Desmocerus californicus dimorphus Valley elderberry longhorn beetle CA
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Nicrophorus americanus (Silphidae)
Photo credit: D.S. Sikes

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