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The Coleopterists Society - An International Society Devoted to the Study of Beetles
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Curculio is an international newsletter devoted to dissemination of knowledge about Curculionoidea. It is published in March and September. The files listed below are in PDF format and can be printed but not searched for key words.

Vol. 38, 3/1995 Vol. 39, 9/1995 Vol. 40, 3/1996 Vol. 41, 3/1997 Vol. 42, 9/1997
Vol. 43, 12/1998 Vol. 44, 3/2002 Vol. 45, 9/2002 Vol. 46, 3/2003 Vol. 47, 9/2003
Vol. 48, 6/2004 Vol. 49, 9/2004 Vol. 50, 3/2005 Vol. 51, 9/2005 Vol. 52, 3/2006
Vol. 53, 9/2006 Vol. 54, 6/2007 Vol. 55, 1/2008 Vol. 56, 6/2008  

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The Coleopterists Bulletin The Coleopterists Bulletin, current issue vol. 71(4). Founded in 1947 by Ross H. Arnett, Jr., The Coleopterists Bulletin is a refereed quarterly journal, which includes a wide variety of articles on taxonomy and ecology of beetles (Coleoptera). More...
Distributed European School of Taxonomy
DEST logo The Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST), an initiative under the CETAF umbrella and managed by RBINS, has announced its training programme for 2015-2016! More...
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