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    James Liebherr

    Revision and phylogeny of New Caledonian Mecyclothorax beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Moriomorphini) I am in the process of revising the species currently assignable to the genus Mecyclothorax that are distributed in New Caledonia. These beetles would key to the tribe Psydrini in older keys i.e. they have a seta in the mandibular scrobe, male parameres that are elongate, small body size (3-6 mm), ovoid to cordate pronotum, and domed (i.e. deeply convex) elytra. All New Caledonian species are brachypterous. See the accompanying PDF for photos of two of the species.

    If you have any New Caledonian or Australian Mecyclothorax carabid beetle material in your personal or institutional collection, I would like to borrow them for this study. Also, I would be happy to identify any New Caledonian carabids if you do not wish to sort them to genus. Contact me at and we can arrange how you can send them. I would be willing to sort material in alcohol, but please send it legally (IATA regs). Also it will take me longer to sort and prepare such specimens, though they could be incredibly valuable for sequencing, so I am happy to take them on. As with all New Caledonian material, the Holotypes of any new species are to be deposited in the Paris Museum.

    Jim Liebherr
    Curator & Professor
    Cornell University Insect Collection


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