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Monograph No. 7Revision of Agyrtodes Portevin (Coleoptera: Leiodidae), by Ainsley E. Seago. 73pp.


The widespread leiodid genus Agyrtodes Portevin is revised. All known species are redescribed and illustrated, and the following new species are described: A. flaviceps Seago, A. globosus Seago, A. monteithi Seago, A. newtoni Seago, A. variabilis Seago (all from Australia, northern Queensland), and A. lescheni Seago (New Zealand, South Island). A lectotype is designated for Mesocolon varius Broun, a previously-recognized junior synonym of A. nebulosus (Broun). Agyrtodes disparatus Szymczakowski is synonymized with A. monticola (Broun). Agyrtodes is expanded to include species without a lacinial spore-brush, as this otherwise diagnostic character is absent from the koebelei species-group. A key is provided to the world species of Agyrtodes, and the morphology of the genus is described and illustrated