Recognizing devotion to the Society and dedication to the discipline

Ross H. Arnett, Jr.
Ross H. Arnett, Jr.

Founder of The Coleopterists Society and The Coleopterists Bulletin

Patricia Vaurie
Patricia Vaurie


Henry F. Howden
Henry F. Howden

President 1968, 1969

Edward C. Becker
Edward C. Becker

President 1972
Editor 1982-1990

George E. Ball
George E. Ball

President 1973

Charles A. Triplehorn
Charles A. Triplehorn

President 1976

Anne T. Howden
Anne T. Howden

President 1983

James Stephen
James Stephen "Steve" Ashe

President 1990

Michael A. Ivie
Michael A. Ivie

President 1991-1992
Nominating Committee, 1981, 1984, 1993 (Chair), and 1994 (Chair)
Councilor, 1986-1988, 2011-2012
Lacodaire Prize Selection Committee (Chair) 1995-2003
Chair, Zimmerman Project Committee, 2000-2002
J. Gordon Edwards Prize Committee (Chair, 2007)
Member since 1978

Brett C. Ratcliffe
Brett C. Ratcliffe

President 1984
Secretary 1995-2010
Councilor 1989-1990
Monograph Co-editor 2005-2006
Member since 1963

Daniel K. Young
Daniel K. Young

President 1994
Councilor 1984-1986 and 2002-2004
Editorial Board 1997-1999
Awards Committee 1997-2004
Nominations Committee 2008-2009
Member since 1980

Chuck Bellamy
Chuck Bellamy

President 2003-2004
Councilor 1993-1994
Investment officer 2010-2012
Website coordinator 2006-2008
Book review editor 1993-2002
Editor of the monograph series 2009-2012
Member 1973-2013

Horace R. Burke
Horace R. Burke

President 1979
Councilor 1974 and 1983-1985
Chair Editorial Board 1988-1990
Member since 1969

Terry L. Erwin
Terry L. Erwin

Treasurer 1972-1986
Newsletter editor 1978-1981
Councilor 2000-2001
Member since 1964

Donald E. Bright , Jr.

President 1996-1998
Secretary 1984-1994
Member since 1973

Margaret Thayer

Treasurer – 1987-1991
President-Elect, President, Past President, 1993–1998
Nominating Committee, 2013
Member since 1976

Chris Carlton

President-Elect, President, Past President, 2013-2018
Editor, 1999-2004
Member since 1980

Mary Liz Jameson

Editorial Board Member (2009-2019)
President-Elect, President, Past President, 2003 – 2008
Open Access Committee, Chair (2008-2009)
Councilor, (1992-1995, 1999-2001)
Youth Incentive Award Committee Member (1994-2017)
Education Committee Member (1995-2017)
Membership Directory editor and compiler (1995)
Member since 1986

Ronald D. Cave

Councilor 2003–2004

Managing Editor of the Coleopterists Bulletin 2009–2019

Member for 45 years

Victoria Bayless

Councilor, 2007–2008

President sequence, 2011–2016

Creator of The Coleopterists Society Booth at the Entomological Society of America in 2013.

Nomination criteria include the following required attributes:

  1. Sustained, active membership in The Coleopterists Society.
  2. Past service to The Coleopterists Society (elected or delegated or voluntary).
  3. Advancement of coleopterology nationally and/or internationally.
  4. Sustained history of publication in The Coleopterists Bulletin and/or other Society publications.

Additional, non-required criteria that strongly support selection are:

  1. Contributions to public collections of Coleoptera.
  2. Development of research resources on Coleoptera.
  3. Substantive development of teaching resources on Coleoptera.
  4. Training of future coleopterists.
  5. Promoting appreciation of beetles to the public through popular books/articles, museum exhibitions, public lectures, etc.

Process for nominating future Honorary Members

  1. There will be no more than one Honorary Member elected each year.
  2. Nominations can be submitted by any current member.
  3. The full Executive Committee will vote to decide between multiple nominees, or to decide if a single nominee meets the minimum standards.
  4. If there are no nominees or if none of those nominated in a given year are ratified by the Executive Committee, there will be no honoree that year and the nominees will not be rolled over to the next year.
  5. Nominations should be submitted to the President of the Society, with a copy submitted to the Secretary, prior to March 1st to ensure consideration for a given year.

Contents of the Award

  • Honorary Members will have their names listed on the inside cover of the Bulletin in perpetuity.
  • The Society will pay the dues and the Honorary Members will receive the Bulletin for the rest of their respective lives.

Note: Honorary Members who wish to continue to support the Society by paying annual dues may select another member or colleague, e.g. student or foreign colleague, to support with these dues.