The Coleopterists Society (TCS) is entirely run by volunteers, offering multiple leadership opportunities for its members.

Society officer positions:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Past-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer & Membership Secretary
  • Managing Editor

President appointments are a 2-year roll-over commitment (6 years total) whereas secretary, treasurer, and editor are 5-year appointments.

The Society has a group of councilors who are appointed for two years.

  • One International Councilor
  • Two Student Councilors
  • Two additional Councilors

Three of these positions (international, one student, one councilor) are elected every other year.

The entire Executive council (Society officers and Councilors) decides on nominations for Honorary Member.

We also have a website coordinator.



In addition, we have designated committees to evaluate and make decisions on funding:

GRSEA Committee

Receive and evaluate submissions for the Graduate Student Research Enhancement Award (GSREA). This committee also selects the Undergraduate Travel Award winner.

Chair: Marc Branham

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): marcbran(AT)

Committee members are invited by the Committee chair to serve for each application cycle depending on the number and themes of the submitted proposals. 


Lacordaire and Edwards Prizes Committee

Receive and evaluate submissions for the Lacordaire and Edwards awards.

Chair: Darren Pollock

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): Darren.Pollock(AT)

Committee members: Adam Brunke, Andrew Johnston, Rich Leschen, Nadine Kriska.


Youth Incentive Award Committee

Receive and evaluate submissions for the Youth Incentive Award.

Chair: David Furth

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): furthd(AT)

Committee members for 2022: Jonathan Mawdsley, Chris Wirth, David Serrano.


Ross Taylor Bell and Joyce Rockenbach Bell Research Grant Committee

Oversees the Ross Taylor Bell and Joyce Rockenbach Bell Research Grant.

Chair: Andrew Smith

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): asmith(AT)

Committee members for 2023: Cheryl Barr, Pat Bouchard, Chris Carlton, Annie Ray.


Other committees process and make recommendations:


Editorial Staff

Managing Editor: Matthew L. Gimmel (phalacrid(AT) Receives submissions to The Coleopterists Bulletin (TCB).

Review Editors: Mike Ferro, Ted MacRae, Grey Gustafson, Lourdes Chamorro, Kyle Schnepp, Dana Price, Vinicius Ferreira, Oliver Keller.

Book Review Editor: Stelios Chatzimanolis.

Monograph Editor: Joe McHugh.

Editorial Board: Kee-Jeong Ahn, Frank Etzler, Donald Chandler, Sarah Smith. Editorial Board members advise the Managing Editor, evaluate submissions to the Vaurie Monograph Series , and select the Outstanding Paper of the Year in TCB.


Exhibit Booth Committee

In charge of all the logistics involved in setting up the Society booth at the ESA (Entomological Society of America) meetings every year.

Chair: Mike Ferro

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): spongymesophyll(AT)

Committee members: Crystal Maier.


Nominating Committee

Assemble the slate of candidates to run for Officer and Councilor positions.

Chair: Crystal Maier

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): crystal.maier(AT)

Committee members:


Committee Improving Inclusiveness and Diversity -CIID-

Creates proposals and implements activities to promote diversity and inclusion within the Society.

Chair: Ann Ray

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): raya6(AT)

Committee members: Alfonsina Arriaga, Jennifer C. Girón, Oliver Keller, Amelia Smith.


Social Media Team

Promotes interest mostly by sharing recent papers on beetle research and pictures of #AmazingBeetles. Raises awareness and posts reminders about TCS awards, as well as promotes beetle-related events.

In charge of @ColeopSoc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkTree.

Committee members: Amelia Smith (Instagram and council representative), Clayton Traylor (Twitter and lead paper gatherer), Shashank Naik (Facebook).


Virtual Annual Symposium and General Meeting

Organizes the annual meeting to be held online.

Chair: Crystal Maier

Contact (replace “(AT)” with “@”): crystal.maier(AT)

Committee members for 2022: Max Barclay, Evan Waite, Jennifer C. Girón.