The Coleopterists Society (TCS) values all aspects of diversity. Our global membership means each of us have our own unique experiences, opportunities, and challenges. Today we stand in solidarity with our peers, mentors, and the community, acknowledging that Black Lives Matter in society and therefore in science. Racism and prejudice continue to harm scientific endeavor and we are committed to offering support.

As a professional society, we do not tolerate prejudice and discrimination. We must ensure all our fellow entomologists, and the wider community we interact with, are treated with respect and equality. We reflect on our own past actions and their alignment with these values, and encourage our membership to hold others, including TCS leadership, accountable. We stand together for diversity and inclusion.

Society Council Members will continue to listen and learn, striving to be a more inclusive society. The Committee Improving Inclusiveness and Diversity (CIID) was formed at our 2019 business meeting. This committee has been working on recommendations to foster greater inclusivity and opportunities for scientists from underrepresented minority and disadvantaged communities. Recommendations will be reviewed by Council and voted on at the annual meeting in November.

We recognize a committed effort is needed to recruit, retain, and support diversity in our membership and leadership. The advancement of Coleopterology is made better by a diverse and inclusive community. TCS offers funding for youth, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professional development opportunities in service roles open to all members. Beetles themselves are one of the most diverse forms of life on earth and it is the appreciation of diversity that drew many of us to the field. TCS members who would like to provide CIID with ideas and suggestions should contact Committee Chair Beulah Garner [] or President Andrew Smith [].

The Coleopterists Society Council