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Membership Types

Individual Membership is open to anyone interested in the objectives of the society. Membership is for the calendar year and includes a subscription to The Coleopterists Bulletin. Members who join the Society after March will receive back issues of the Bulletin for that year. We also offer Family Memberships, Gift or Sponsored Memberships, and Lifetime Memberships.

A Lifetime Membership requires one lump sum financial contribution of $1,000 or more to the Society. Life Members will have their names listed on the inside cover of The Coleopterists Bulletin for the rest of their respective lives. Life Members will receive full member benefits for the rest of their respective lives and no longer need to pay dues.

Institution and Library Subscriptions are not memberships in The Coleopterists Society and DO NOT receive online access to articles. Orders must be prepaid for the year by check, international money order, paypal, or credit card. Non-receipt claims must be received within three months of mailing date; all subscriptions must be paid in advance prior to the mailing date of the first issue.

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