Special Publication No. 2Host List of Leaf Beetle Species Occurring in the United States and Canada

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by Shawn M. Clark, Douglas G. LeDoux, Terry N. Seeno, Edward G. Riley, Arthur L. Gilbert, and James M. Sullivan

This is the second in a series of special publications by the Coleopterists Society. 476 pages, spiral bound.

The leaf beetles are among the most conspicuous beetles on plants. They are perhaps best known for their phytophagous habit, a trait that has assured for them an enduring place of importance. Many species are quite host-specific, feeding only on a single plant species or on several closely related plants. However, others are generalists that feed on a wide variety of plants.

This host list is a cross-indexed catalog to the known plant associations for the leaf beetles (Megalopodidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae excluding Bruchinae) of America north of Mexico and of Hawaii. Plant association records from the literature are summarized for 1,261 leaf beetle species occurring in the region. Under each beetle species, associations are briefly recounted, typically listing the plants as they were originally cited, sometimes as common names and sometimes as antiquated scientific names. The modern scientific names are given as well.

Also under the treatment of each beetle species, literature citations are given that document the plant associations. A separate index is presented that lists plant species, each followed by associated beetle species. The index also includes the above-mentioned common and antiquated plant names, with the reader being referred to the modern scientific names.

Beyond literature reports, original observations are provided for many of the leaf beetle species of the region, including 82 species for which no previous plant associations had been previously published. In total, some level of plant association data is given for approximately 78% of the leaf beetle species occurring in the region. A bibliography is provided and includes the more than 3,820 references cited in the text.