Special Publication No. 4A Catalog and Bibliography of the Buprestoidea of America North of Mexico

[PDF available]

by Gayle H. Nelson
George C. Walters, Jr.
R. Dennis Haines
Charles L. Bellamy

This is the fourth in a series of special publications by the Coleopterists Society. Publication date: March 15, 2008.

Abstract: In the first catalog since that privately published by Chamberlin (1926), this new volume is an annotated summary catalog listing all valid and invalid taxa of the families Schizopodidae and Buprestidae; with data for 787 species and 36 subspecies in 55 genera, with an additional 529 invalid names (e.g. junior synonyms and unavailable names) for North America north of Mexico. Under each taxon are given summaries and references for taxonomy, ecology, distribution (to state and province) and all recorded larval and adult host plant associations. The volume concludes with a large Bibliography of references for these two families and a full index to the catalog. The catalog is 274 pages in total and follows the modern classification summarized in Bellamy (2003).

Bellamy, C. L. 2003. An illustrated summary of the higher classification of the superfamily Buprestoidea (Coleoptera). Folia Heyrovskyana, Supplementum 10, 197 pp, 44 plates.

Chamberlin, W. J. 1926. Catalogue of the Buprestidae of North America north of Mexico. W. J. Chamberlin, Corvallis, Oregon. 289 pp. + 1 page index.