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    Thomas Wassmer

    To whom it may concern, My study focuses on coprophilous Scarabaeoidea and Hydrophilidae beetles attracted to pitfall traps baited with cow dung, but I noticed a seasonally varying extensive by-catch e.g. Opiliones, Araneae, Diptera, Hymenoptera, Orthoptera, Histeridae, Staphylinidae, … which I cannot ID in a reasonable time. I am trapping every other week using 15 pitfall traps placed just outside the fence around a 3.8 ha cow and goat pasture in South-Central Michigan (41.8743°, -84.0102°). After setting the traps, I collect samples at 48 and 72 hours. The study started last June (6/6/2017) and is planned to continue until the end of May 2018. I am looking for colleagues interested to work on the ID (and phenological and eventually successional analysis?) of the by-catch – and use these data however they see fit. Thank you in advance! Tom – Thomas Wassmer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology Siena Heights University 1247 E. Siena Heights Dr. Adrian, MI 49221 517-264-7637

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